School papers

Are there FREE newspapers for schools?

Yes! Here are two ways teachers can get free newspapers:

  • The Adopt-a-Class program provides teachers with 30 copies of The Chieftain each week for 30 weeks of the school year. Generous businesses, foundations, organizations and individuals pay $135 a year to match The Chieftain’s donation and provide schools with this valuable teaching resource. A free teachers’ workshop gives educators great ideas on how to use the paper in all subject areas. For more information, call the NIE office at 404-2777.
  • The NIE department offers many programs throughout the year that provide teachers with curriculum that meets Colorado standards and uses the newspaper as a resource. Check out Current Programs for a listing. Generous businesses sponsor many of these programs. Others are supported by Pueblo Chieftain subscribers when they make a pay-by-mail or vacation donation.

What should I do if my newspapers don’t arrive on time?

When you experience a delivery problem, call The Chieftain’s Circulation Department before 9:00 a.m. on the day delivery was scheduled. That’s the only way we can get the papers to you that day. The number to call is 544-0166 or 1-800-279-6397 (and ask for Circulation.) Your papers should arrive at school by 7:00 a.m. On your delivery dates, look for your newspaper bundle as soon as you get to school or ask a student, the school secretary or your custodian to bring it to you. Your name appears on a computer printout sheet topping the bundle; check it to be sure you have your newspapers.

How do I reach the Newspaper In Education office?

By phone: You can reach the NIE staff by calling 404-2777 or 1-800-279-6397.

Ask for the NIE office.

By fax: 719-404-2778

By mail: NIE Department, The Pueblo Chieftain, PO Box 36, Pueblo, CO 81002

By e-mail: